5 Oct



God I’m hungry. I’ve been trying not to think about it but I wanted everyone to know. I’M HUNGRY!

After the, shall we say, over-indulgence of the summer, it seemed like a good idea to shift a few pounds before heading to Spain for the winter with it’s wonderful Menu del dias, tasty tapas and tempting wines (you can tell I’m hungry, right?). Coming across the 5-2 Diet for the first time (we’ve been away) we thought we’d give it a try.

For those of you who, like us, have been on another planet recently the 5-2 diet consists of two days of ‘fasting’ per week and eating normally for the rest of the time. On fasting days you can actually have up to 500 calories (for women, 600 for the men – not fair). Now 500 calories is not a lot of food. Basically you get to eat salad leaves and cabbage. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but only a bit. I tell you, wafer thin ham at 10 calories a slice has never tasted so good.


As for breakfast, well, there aren’t enough calories for breakfast. I’m not a person who skips breakfast. I’m not good without breakfast. In fact it is best not to talk to me until after breakfast. And I’ve been hungry all night anticipating this absence. Honestly, my stomach has been rumbling away before the fast day even starts! Never mind, only three and a half hours until a few mls of pea and asparagus soup. Yum.

This isn’t my first fasting day. Oh no. I’ve already survived two days last week. Neil says he’s lost 4 or 5lbs. I haven’t. I’ve lost nothing. Zilch. Nada. I’m going to buy some new scales. 



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