The Learning Curve

20 Sep


So, what have we learnt in these first months on the caravan?

An alarm goes off in the car when towing the caravan and indicating. It’s something to do with reduced power to the lights on the car. We’ve turned the volume down.

Turning the water heater on doesn’t trip the power supply (at least not in the UK). Turning a faulty water heater on does, however.

Don’t forget to detach the breakaway cable when unhitching and driving the car away. It breaks.

If the pitch slopes you may well need some wooden blocks to stand the jockey wheel/steadies on. Worth keeping some on the ‘van ready or you may spend the nights with the blood rushing to your head.

If the pitch also slopes from side to side you will need a ramp to put under one of the caravan wheels to level it off. Remember to put it on the lower part of the ground otherwise it rolls down again. And use chocks – not the edible kind although they come in handy, too, to lower the blood pressure and rescue relationships.

The motor mover works much better if you take the handbrake off the caravan. Manoeuvring with this marvellous device is like driving a remote control car except you can’t see all around. It’s easy for trees and bollards to get in the way.

Whether you need an awning or not is debatable (see previous entry). The newer style porch awnings are comparatively easy to put up but tempers can still get frayed. Have a routine then leave him to it as soon as possible.

Awnings aren’t much use in the rain – you don’t sit in them as the caravan is much more comfortable. They are useful for storing chairs, BBQ etc and provide some shade when it’s hot.

We wouldn’t be without it but beware the siren voice of the Sat Nav. Her dulcet tones can seem so reasonable and persuasive. Some roads were never meant for caravans.

Take notice when an oncoming vehicle flashes their lights at you. Check the caravan asap!

Finally, wedge the beer at the back of the fridge so it doesn’t roll around on the journey. There’s nothing like that first gulp after setting up and you don’t want it to be just froth. Oh, and don’t forget the corkscrew. Or you could just drink the fizzy stuff. 


2 Responses to “The Learning Curve”

  1. christine September 27, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

    Haha! Well, you both, the caravan and the car plust most other items survived your novice season. Better buy a Swiss knive for next year though, they always come with a cork screw, just in case…

    The first year I owned a boat that actually had a battery, I sailed away from the quay one morning with the land electricity cable still plugged in.That was quite a chaotic – not to mention ungraceful -departure…

    Good luck with the garden! 😉

    • lamputts September 28, 2013 at 7:56 am #

      Thanks, Christine. One of the other things we’ve learnt is that you don’t need a corkscrew for Cava!

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