Autumn’s Arrival

9 Sep


Summer ended the day we left London. We’ve still seen beautiful blue skies at times but the temperature plummeted by about 10 degrees overnight and today the rain has set in. It certainly doesn’t encourage getting out and about. Perhaps we’re just tired after the non-stop pace of London or maybe we’ve become a little jaded. But here in Henley, on a site close to the town and river, we certainly don’t feel like going far.

Until today, at least, a daily walk along the river and the odd glass of something cold when the sun shone has been a very welcome slowing down. The nights have become much chillier, though, the heating is back on even in the day at times and the walk to the facilities is an unpleasant dash in rain. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, tomorrow we head back to Hereford.



The square in Henley early(ish) Sunday morning. The town looked very different today with roadworks causing long tailbacks of traffic. 


Along the river bank…


… are some incredibly expensive houses.



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