North Norfolk Coast

23 Aug



We’ve managed to avoid the less desirable effects of the school summer holidays until now. Deliberately selecting sites that we felt would be less attractive to families with children (city centres, no toilet/shower facilities, no playgrounds etc) seems to have worked. Picking a site on the North Norfolk coast with a swimming pool and nightly children’s entertainment, however, was always going to be a different kettle of fish. If you add arriving on the week of the local carnival that also includes the August bank holiday weekend you can imagine that it has been something of a culture shock.

That in itself hasn’t been a problem, however. Sure there’s been the general noise of children playing, music from the fun fair and the drone of the carnival loud speaker but that just becomes background which is actually easy to ignore. It has also meant, though, that we have had first class seats for the incredible Wildcats flying display and last night’s fireworks.


The real downside of our choice of location has been the extreme difficulty of finding anywhere to park when we’ve tried to venture out. Everywhere is absolutely heaving. Every nook and cranny has a car parked in it, often causing chaos for the flow of traffic, most of it circulating the streets looking for their own spot. We ventured to Wells-next-the-Sea (not to be confused with the Wells we visited with the magnificent cathedral), described in the tourist blurb as an unspoilt seaside town set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. From what we saw it could well have matched the hyperbolae but we our attempt to explore had to be abandoned for want of somewhere to leave the car.

We have been able to spend some time in Blakeney, though, and it was well worth the effort. At low tide the quay is lined with children fishing for crabs while around high tide the colourful sails of the small local boats move through the salt marshes to and from the sea. A word of warning to both boats and cars: Get the tide times right! 


The car park at high tide.


Watch the tide!



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