6 Aug



We were lucky to get onto the popular caravan site near Whitby. The pitch is actually for a campervan, so we can’t put up our lovely awning, but it was the last one going. It does, however, have a view of the sea and last night’s stunning sunset as well as being opposite the path down to the beach. This is a bit of a mixed blessing, actually, as our pitch tends to get used as a shortcut to the path but, hey, so what? The sun is shining.


With a brilliant blue sky and quite a stiff, cool breeze we walked into Whitby itself this morning. The fishing fleet was out with the tide but the tourist boats were doing a roaring trade. Once you get past the amusement arcades, the small town still retains a lot of character. The ruined abbey looming above the harbour remains a little creepy despite the bright day and the hordes of visitors.


To be completely honest, though, much as we enjoyed walking around Whitby, the main attraction is the fish and chips. With several restaurants winning awards and high profile recommendations (including Jeremy Clarkson which did more to put me off if anything) we asked the advice of friends, Lois and Bill, who we know have similar tastes. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, their favourite was also the #1 on tripadvisor with a queue out of the door and down the street. What was surprising was that Neil was prepared to join the queue! The walk back was a lot slower than the walk there. Waddle, waddle. 


The harbour entrance at Whitby must feel like welcoming arms to boats returning in bad weather. 



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