A River Runs Through It

28 Jul



It’s raining. I mean, it’s raining in Biblical proportions. Somebody tell Noah. It’s so bad we’ve got our sailing boots out. That is saying something as we never wore them in anger during the four years we were on the boat. Now they’ll come in as sturdy wellies. And boy, do we need them.

The rain really got going during the night and went on and on and on. Not just any old rain but pounding on the caravan roof loud enough to not be able to hear the television at full volume. We’re pitched on the slightest of inclines here in Carlisle. On grass. We were reassured on arrival by the warden who said how well it drained and in all his 50 years here they never had a problem. Well, they’ve got one today.

Neil suggested we put the awning away yesterday but I persuaded him against it as I thought it would come in to its own during the rain, giving us extra space. Well, there’s a river running through it today so it’s not much use and putting it away will be something of a challenge now. We’re due to leave tomorrow so fingers crossed it doesn’t all turn into a quagmire. I guess it’s all in the great adventure that is caravanning. Hmm. 


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