All Change

25 Jul

Borrowdale Pictures:


Walking in the foothills of Cat Bells. There was no way I was going to the top!


Such a pretty tea garden a pleasant walk from the campsite.


And the cream tea isn’t half bad either! Well, I need a bit of sustenance every now and then. 

All Change

When Neil opened the roof blind on Tuesday morning the bright, early morning light didn’t dazzle the way we’ve become used to. The clouds hung heavily seemingly touching the tree tops above us. Twitter was alive with descriptions of the storms and relief at the fresher feel to the air. It also made a refreshing change from royal baby jokes.

It wasn’t long before the first rumble reached us here in the north of England. The trees rustled alarmingly, the tops swaying as the storm approached. As rapidly as the hubbub had started just as suddenly a heavy stillness settled over the campsite.

 Minutes later, as the BBC was laying on the royal news with a trowel, the broadcaster was suddenly drowned out by the rising crescendo of thunder outside. As each roar intensified the caravan trembled and shuddered with each clap. We’d zipped up the awning as soon as we realised the rain was on its way and, thankfully, it remained upright and dry inside.

 Although the storm was short lived it was beginning to look like we’d seen the best of the summer with thundery and “unsettled” weather forecast for the foreseeable future and we were beginning to see the disadvantages of our campsite. Blissfully cool and shady during the heatwave, the rain had turned the hard-standing into a mulch of soggy leaves along with rotting pine needles and cones, all of which were making their way inside the caravan. The awning and the exterior of the ‘van were encrusted with them. The previously welcome shade made the interior dark and depressing while the dank meant the awning wasn’t going to dry out.

Unsurprisingly then, we took the decision to leave the site a little early, wrapping the awning while still damp and heading a mere 45 miles to Carlisle and urbanization. Asda may be nearer than the lakes and hills and it feels like we’re camping on someone’s back lawn but it’s none the worse for that. We’re going to the cinema and for a meal out while we’re here and I’ve already had a dose of retail therapy. A change is as good as a rest. 



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