21 Jul



 As the unbelievable British summer continues (thunderstorms due soon, of course) we’ve decided to spend another week in the Lake District, this time in Borrowdale right on the edge of Derwent Water. It has also meant that we have finally got the barbeque out. I’m not sure quite why it has taken us so long to get around to using our Cadac, specially purchased for the caravan, but it is probably due to the fact that we now have an awning to leave it ready set up in.

Yes, we’ve succumbed to an awning. Not the huge, heavy affair that came with the caravan but one of the lightweight porch awnings that we see so many of. Having seen an elderly couple put one up with the greatest of ease while we were in Tewkesbury we finally became convinced that we should get one.

The colour (pale gold) tones in beautifully with the caravan and I get a kick each time I see it set up on our shady, woodland pitch. To be honest we haven’t made the neatest of jobs of putting it up (there’s definitely some fine tuning needed) and it took us quite a while longer than the couple we watched but it was our first attempt. The only problem has been that as soon as it was up it immediately filled with assorted flying insects, some of them nasty little bug**s as the bites on my legs testify. So we haven’t been sitting around in it much yet. Fly spray required. 



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