Lake District

18 Jul



The Lake District wasn’t really meant for caravans. Sure the motorway access roads are dual carriageway but as soon as you get off them you risk life and aluminium. As all other road-users, including lorries and buses, have to travel along them too it can get pretty hair-raising. Close encounters with pretty dry stone walling tend to change your opinion of its picturesque qualities when the only vision you can see is an enormous slash down the side of the ‘van.

Fortunately, in a caravan rather than a motor home (boy did we make the right decision!) you only have to take the kamikaze option travelling to and from the site. Which is just as well for the sake of my clenched jaw joint. Why cyclists think it’s a good idea to choose these roads for fun is beyond me.

I abandoned Neil to it while I went home for a few days taking the car. Don’t feel too sorry for him. He was as happy as the proverbial pig dining nightly on fish and chips or Fray Bentos pies and reducing the stash of Carling to zero cans. It also meant, though, that he did some of the walks that there was no way I would have done. His pictures prove he did it, too: steep, craggy paths; distant glimpses of the lakes far below and tiered waterfalls (with no pipes – eat your heart out Nidri). I can see why he does it. That doesn’t mean I’ll be doing any in the near future.


When I returned he did persuade me to do one of the “moderate” graded walks in his book. He’ll probably hesitate to suggest it again, though. I’m afraid I left him in no doubt that I was not enjoying the clamber up to the Latterbarrow cairn. Sitting in the shade of the cairn, while my heart rate and body temperature returned to safe levels, was the best bit. But I did it and have the picture to prove it.



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