15 Jul



You don’t usually get caravan sites right in the centre of town like the one in Tewkesbury. With its medieval buildings and country feel it’s surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of the town. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not pedestrianised and the lovely old buildings have always got cars parked around them. Of course if it were pedestrianised we wouldn’t have been able to get the caravan into what is effectively a levelled field behind the abbey.


Tewkesbury has been caught in a bit of a time warp in some ways because of its inability to expand. Situated at a junction of two major rivers, the Severn and the Avon, it is very prone to flooding. The caravan site itself is effectively on part of the flood plains that surround the town. Other caravaners told us about being woken in the early hours of the morning and being warned to get out within the hour as the flood waters were coming in. It must have been chaos with everyone trying to hitch up at the same time!


On lovely sunny days this year, though, it was a pleasure to walk along the river bank with only hedges of wild seeded rape flowers blocking the views. 




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