Birthday Bubbly and Blisters

18 Jun


It was my birthday at the weekend. Not a significant one, you understand, but the first in the UK for a while. The last one, as Seren Môr was lifted into the sea at Plymouth, was also the day we became live-aboards with the whole Mediterranean adventure in front of us. Today is exactly a month since we made the caravan our home with who knows what ahead of us.

Neil decreed I could do exactly as I wanted for ‘my day’. Don’t tell him but that is usually what happens most days. However, it seemed like a good opportunity to treat ourselves to lots of indulgent eats and drinks. Oh and no route marches up big hills! A stroll into Swanage and a little look around the shops to see if something expensive could be found that I couldn’t live without (no luck there – it’s not a big place) seemed like a good way to spend the morning.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for lunch. I wanted a cream tea in a National Trust tea shop. Studland Bay is a stunning spot owned by the Trust and only a few minutes away in the car. It also has a tea shop. And what about taking a bottle of cava to have first? I know how to do indulgent. Neil spotted an empty bench, hidden away behind a hedge and overlooking the bay – it was made for us. The sun shone, the boats bobbed and the bubbles sparkled. Bliss.


We didn’t get the cream tea, though. A slight misjudgement on our part. Turns out the cafe by the beach is not actually a National Trust tea shop. Chips with everything was more the order of the day. I’d just have to make up for the oversight at dinner! Naturally a siesta was needed during the afternoon.

Dinner was all planned. We’d done our research and booked one of the top rated restaurants in town. It was hidden away in the back streets with a menu that changes regularly and I’d spotted the dessert display when we booked! So, spruced up and sporting a pair of heels for the first time since joining the caravan sisterhood we ambled into Swanage again, had pre-dinner drinks in a beach front bar and sauntered along the promenade to the restaurant. Superb meal. No question. Wine? New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, of course. Dessert? A strawberry Pavlova for Neil and the most divine chocolate and raspberry roulade for me more than made up for the lack of a cream tea at lunchtime.

With waistbands bulging at the seams, we waddled to the taxi rank. Would you believe it? Saturday night and there wasn’t a blessed taxi to be had for neither love nor money. We’d walked the couple of miles between the campsite and the town three times that day and not really thought much of it. However the prospect of an uphill trek following a blow out meal was a different issue. And I was in heels. All I will say is that I have walked the streets of Dorset in my bare feet and the blisters were an unexpected present. Sore they may be. Torture actually. But at least they mean no more route marches until properly healed. Bonus. 


2 Responses to “Birthday Bubbly and Blisters”

  1. christine June 27, 2013 at 3:41 pm #

    Better late than never, so: Happy 38th Birthday, Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    Vic and Christine

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