Whatever the Weather

12 Jun


We’d chosen the wrong pitch in Cheddar. With unbroken sun forecast for the week we’d thought a hard standing pitch under the trees would give us welcome dappled shade. As it turned out it was generally full shade and the biting northerly wind that accompanied the sunshine meant it was simply too cold to sit comfortably outside the caravan. The concrete base layer of the pitch meant we couldn’t even put our new wind break up. So as those around us dozed in the sun and barbequed their dinners we were still inside.

On moving to Swanage this week, then, we were pleased to be allocated a sunny position. The only trouble was the slope. Not only did we have to put one of the wheels on a ramp but the rear corner steadies had to be propped up on bricks and stones that were lying around from previous tenants. The incline also made it interesting when we tried to eat outside on the slanting table – not a real challenge after mastering eating curry at anchor in the swell of the Spanish coast, though!

Our first couple of days here were glorious. Having set up our windbreak not only as shelter but also to mark our territory, as it were, and to provide a bit of privacy, it wasn’t long before we were basking in our new Aldi reclining chairs. You’ve guessed it, though. It also wasn’t long before we were too hot and back inside for some shade! I guess this is where an awning comes in but for these all-too-rare days it still doesn’t seem worth it. Perhaps when we head for warmer climes.

As you might expect the British summer now appears to have ended. The rain is once again pelting down and the heating is on. Ah well, time for a siesta.


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