Bank Holiday Weekend

27 May


As the rain is lashing down around us it seems like a typical bank holiday in the UK. That would be to misrepresent the rest of the weekend, however. It has been pretty glorious up until now and if you happen to have headed east, rather than west like us, the sun looks set to keep on shining. In a field on the edge of Llandovery near the Brecon Beacons we’ve definitely already seen the best of it, though. You have to feel for the brave souls who have stuck it out in the tents. Even when the days were warm and sunny the nights had literally frozen the fabric of the tents.

Understandably, the site has emptied a bit today although we’ve seen a couple of new arrivals. I dread having to set up in weather like this. The field is rapidly turning decidedly boggy so please, please let the rain ease off a bit before we have to try to get off!

We made the most of the good weather, getting out and about. Wanting to smell the sea again we paid a visit to the delightful little port town of Aberaeron, stopped over at Llanerchaeron House on the way back (we’ve joined the National Trust – love their tea shops), drove around Brecon (didn’t feel the need to get out!) and been on an enchanting walk near Llandovery, over farmland and through woods, following part of the course of the River Taff and its tributaries.

I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to spend the rest of our stay here if this rain continues but for now we’re both quite happy to be lazing around in our snug little box as a chicken casserole simmers away in the slow cooker.  


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