What It’s All About

21 May

Hereford BluebellsTuesday

With all the rushing about we’ve been doing since we got the caravan we were in danger of forgetting what the whole experience is supposed to be about. We have an urge to explore, to go to places we perhaps wouldn’t see in the ordinary run of life, to take the path less trodden (sorry to be a bit clichéd).

This is difficult for Neil here in Hereford where he grew up and where each bend in the river is a memory of childhood. I’m less familiar with the city and its surrounding countryside and maybe I’m more struck by its both its history and natural beauty. So today we covered a bit of both. This morning we took a guided tour that showed us the old buildings and gardens surrounding the cathedral. These were well-known to Neil, one of those things that local children absorb as part of their everyday backdrop, and I had walked past them many times but now we both saw their elegance with new eyes. The whole county town deserves to be better known and visited than perhaps it is.

The afternoon saw us back at the caravan site and walking through the woods towards Mordiford. Well, the idea was to actually reach the small village, maybe have a drink in the pub. We took the path less travelled, quite literally. It climbed up through the trees, mostly relatively young broad leaved varieties, with carpets of bluebells, newly unfurled ferns, wild garlic and gorse bushes dazzling in yellow flowers. Occasionally there was a glimpse of the Wye valley beneath as the path kept climbing. Just as I was starting to think we should have bought some food rations with us, not to mention oxygen cylinders, it started to drop steeply down again, returning us back the way we had come and ‘home’ to our caravan. Perhaps we’ll get to Mordiford tomorrow.


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