20 May

Neil AdaptingMonday

I suppose our experience of caravanning hasn’t really been typical so far in as much as we’ve been really busy! Nothing is straight forward at the moment. Time to wash up – how do we heat the water again? It’s turning a bit chilly – how do you switch the heating on? We’re getting there, though.

Apart from cleaning and unpacking with journeys back and forth to Neil’s parents’ garage where our belongings are stored, the rest of the time seems to be filled with shopping. Not Neil’s favourite pastime as a rule, he has been incredibly patient where equipping and provisioning the caravan is concerned. As long as we keep to the list.

Now we’re getting ourselves sorted we find we are living very comfortably. There’s no feeling of lack of space or claustrophobia. In fact we seem to have far more living space than we’re used to on a boat, not to mention the luxury of a four ring hob, grill, oven and microwave along with reliable (mostly) internet connection and free view TV channels. Most importantly, my hair straighteners work. All this is either ‘shore power’ or gas powered from huge (to us) gas bottles so it’s not exactly as green as the solar power we used most of the time in Greece. But, hey, my hair straighteners work.

The only disappointment, really, is the fridge. Perhaps my expectations were too high – an upright fridge with shelves and an ice box rather than a black hole in the galley work-surface should have been like a dream come true. In reality it’s much smaller than I presumed and fitting much in there, even a standard 2 pint milk container is a real challenge. I guess we will adapt accordingly.

The beds are also rather ‘firm’. My back has suffered these last couple of nights. My bed has now been topped with memory foam so I’m hopeful that will make a difference. Neil, being butch, thankfully (at that price!) didn’t want one.

As for the rodent calling cards, so far there has been no reoccurrence, no noises in the night (apart from the usual) and no sign of anything being nibbled. Sounds hopeful.


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