Like Christmas Eve

17 May


Tomorrow is the big day! In the morning we pick up the caravan that will be our home for the next six months. It’s like waiting for Christmas Day as kids.

With a load of ‘stuff’ off Seren Mor stored in the garage at Hereford we’ve had to keep the packing down to a minimum before we set off. Nevertheless the car is still loaded up. It’s amazing how much space bedding takes up for a start. Neil can’t quite get his head round that I need 24 coat hangers when he reckons he only needs 6. Well, it’s all been carefully calculated so he needn’t come looking to me when he’s short!

Actually, he does have a point in as much as the hanging space on a caravan, any caravan, is very limited. If we thought we were restricted on the boat it was nothing compared to this. I do have my worries about where everything is going to fit. Simple logistics say we can’t get everything from a 40 foot boat into a 20 foot caravan. There’s also the little matter of weight, too. We’ve never had to worry about this before even if, theoretically, there was a limit. In practice if we could find somewhere to store it, it could go in. Now the weight has to be dragged behind the car – safely!

 Neil is all genned up on how to load everything now he’s done his course. Top of the class, he reckons. We’ll see. With torrential, unrelenting rain forecast for tomorrow it could all be very interesting. And amusing for onlookers. 


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