What’s In A Name?

12 May

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Sunday

Christine asked if we had a name for the caravan yet. We don’t. It’s something we’ve vaguely discussed but already I realise caravans are different from boats. Owners of caravans may well have pet names for their ‘vans but they don’t have them emblazoned on the sides. I’m not sure why this is.

Perhaps it’s because the name will never be inscribed or listed on any documents that we haven’t really given it much thought. For us the obvious name after Seren Môr (Sea Star) would be Seren Tir – Land Star. It’s an excellent name but somehow it doesn’t seem appropriate. It’s not that our lovely ‘van isn’t grand enough; it’s more that he/she/it is less independent than a boat, less of an entity in its own right.

Perhaps it’s because we haven’t spent any time on board (is that even the right phrase?), haven’t got to know the quirks and features. In fact, we haven’t really got much of an idea what we’re doing at all. At the moment we’re learning everything from magazines, forums and the previous owners. There’s no hands-on experience. Yet in a week’s time we will attach this strange beast to our car and drag it behind us through the streets of Derby, along the motorway and to the lanes of Hereford. Yes, I’m feeling a few qualms.

Of course, Neil will be doing a towing course before we actually take possession. I’m counting on it, quite frankly, which puts rather a lot of pressure on him. The idea is that, in the fullness of time, he will teach me. I keep remembering how I felt when we first took Seren Môr out. She seemed huge, the wheel seemed alien having only previously used a tiller and I was terrified of getting the sails up. We also went up a dead end in the marina and had to reverse past all these grossly expensive motorboats. This experience certainly seems comparable.

I know we will make mistakes. Everybody has tales of stupid errors their first time out. I also know that all the experienced caravanners will be watching, just like we watched the novice sailors coming in to port. Now we’re the greenhorns. That’s very humbling.


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