6 May

6th May 2013Image

Bank Holiday Monday

We’ve only gone and done it! We’re about to become a menace to other road users. We’ve bought a caravan! Oh My God. We really have. It’s only now starting to sink in.

All the effort put into looking at endless rows of caravans, talking to other caravanners as well as salesmen, plodding round the show at the NEC and looking at numerous adverts on the internet was time well spent. It was with a sense of recognition that we stepped into the caravan we had seen advertised on eBay and immediately felt at home. We had agreed that I wouldn’t say anything when it came to negotiating (I know I’m totally c**p at bargaining) so I kept completely silent as Neil agreed to pay the asking price. We still think we’ve got a good deal.

Our new pride and joy is, however, still sitting on the original owners’ driveway. They’ve agreed to let us leave it there for a fortnight while we get the tow bar fitted to the car and Neil does a towing course. In the meantime, though, we’ve booked our first camp site. It’s in Hereford overlooking the river Wye and close to Neil’s parents’ home where all our possessions are now stored in the garage. Can you see a plan coming together?

We reckon the omens were in our favour when we stopped off at a Derby supermarket on the way to view the caravan and saw Margaret Beckett doing her weekly shop. Yes, really. We just happened to see the former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and probably the best known caravanner in the country on the day we bought our caravan. I’ll say that again. The day we bought our caravan. Huge Grin.


One Response to “Owners!”

  1. christine May 6, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

    Congratulations!!!! Does it/he/she have a name already?

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