A New Adventure

2 May

2nd May 2013


A new adventure needs a new blog. So here we are. “We” are The Lamputts, more commonly known as Neil and Cathy. Welcome to our second blog and our second adventure. We parted company with our beloved boat Seren Môr earlier this week and it seemed a natural ending to a blog hosted for the sailing community.

After a tearful farewell we made the journey from Greece back to the UK, the car laden with all the personal possessions it could carry. Which is a surprising amount, incidentally. An awful lot also ended up in bin bags and some things, like my favourite crockery, stayed on the boat (well, we’d taken the cutlery – it seemed a bit mean to take the plates as well).

All that remained, then, was to get the stuff home. From Greece to Italy via ferry, then the long drive through Italy, Switzerland, and France to the channel tunnel and up from Kent to North Wales. It sounds like a fascinating journey but, believe me, over 1200 miles of motorway, most of it in the dark and at times torrential rain wasn’t my idea of fun. There were supposed to be breaks for something called ‘sleep’ but somehow they didn’t happen. It did mean, however that we arrived home a day earlier than we thought possible and being home has never felt so good.

Now we can really start planning our next move. Neil has booked to do a towing course through the Caravan Club of which we are now members. The tow bar is to be fitted to the car next week and we need to sort out somewhere to store the caravan. And, of course, we still need to buy an actual caravan. We’re pretty confident we know the make and model we want and there is what sounds like a good example advertised on eBay which we are hoping to see tomorrow. Somehow it will all come together. I’ll keep you informed.


4 Responses to “A New Adventure”

  1. christine May 3, 2013 at 6:38 pm #

    Hey landlubbers! Great site! We will still enjoy reading about your adventures!!! Already looking forward to your next update and hearing about the upcoming caravan purchasing events 🙂
    Christine and Vic

    • lamputts May 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

      Hey Christine! Glad you found us! It feels like it’s all starting to happen now.

  2. Sarah May 4, 2013 at 8:25 am #

    There’s a line in a Monty Python film….. “Hello and welcome to the middle of the film”, that’s a bit what this change of blog feels like!
    I have enjoyed your writing so much Cathy that I have followed your sailing adventures from the outset and will really miss them. I felt for you both so much at the moving on stage, it must have been very hard. Can’t believe caravan life will be so exotic, but am sure it will be eventful and you will, as always, record your adventures with style and humour.
    Life at the old place gets no less challenging Neil. For some reason I went back. That reason being my bank balance not my sanity of course!

  3. Neil May 6, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    Thanks very much Sarah, Cathy is very good at the blog and does appreciate the comments. Hope things start to sort themselves out at work, must be a lot of turmoil

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